Pitless Units

What is a Pitless Unit?

A pitless unit replaces above-ground well housing and well pits, improving sanitation, convenience, frost protection, and vandalism security. Welded to the well casing underground, the pitless unit safely redirects water below the frost line. It can provide
well completions that occupy little room in highly populated areas and, with a submersible pump, it is virtually noiseless. At some installations fake rocks cover the top of the pitless, making for an attractive completion in parks and easements.

The patented Baski Pitless is a rugged spool-type unit designed for quick delivery, ease of installation, convenience
in setting and pulling pumps, and long trouble-free operation.  The extra heavy duty construction is specifically designed for deep sets below 500 feet. The upper casing barrel is made from a minimum 3/8 inch thick steel, welded onto the heavy wall housing made of 1/2 ~ 1-1/2 inch thick steel. Stainless steel o-ring sealing surfaces in the housing ensure a long-life, leak-proof seal. Two 1 inch locking bolts provide for padlocked
security of the well cap.

Baski Pitless Units

The Baski heavy-duty pitless unit is designed for quick delivery, installation ease, and convenience in setting and pulling pumps (submersible or turbine).

The heavy-duty construction is specifically designed for deep sets below 500 feet (150 m), where the drop pipe must be high-strength casing or tubing.

These pitless units are of steel construction with stainless steel seating rings for the spool's o-rings, and are available for casing sizes from 8 inch (203 mm) to 24 inch (610 mm) and larger on special order.

Standard Features:

  • Water-tight cap with screened vent, including two 1 inch locking bolts for security using padlocks
  • Large electrical junction box for easy and convenient setting and pulling of pumps
  • Rounded corner on flanged top to prevent damaging wires during installation
  • Air line test block for well monitoring access
  • Extra heavy duty construction with a 3/8 inch thick, steel upper casing barrel (standard size: 2 inch larger than casing), a 1/2 ~ 1-1/2 inch thick, heavy wall steel housing, a heavy wall spool pipe, and thick flanges
  • Durable potable epoxy coating (FDA & NSF approved) for all wetted parts
  • Black outside epoxy coating
  • Type 304 stainless steel seating rings opposite the spool o-rings to ensure a long-life, trouble-free seal
  • Steel spool with large access holes and centering blocks
  • Discharge from 2 to 16 inch (standard: plain end)
  • Available in all casing sizes, including line pipe and oilfield casing sizes, from 8 to 30 inch and larger
  • Column (drop or spool) pipe from 3 to 16 inch with NPT, oilfield casing (API), or BSPT threads


  • All wetted parts made of stainless steel
  • Restraining tabs ("ears")
  • Sealed spool passages (equalizing/open is standard): stainless steel nipples with wire seals pass through both spool plates to provide access to the well
  • Torque arrestor: for shallow applications where pump torque may cause the pump and spool to rotate within the well
  • Lift-out pipe/bail: facilitates setting of the pump
  • Hydrant sampling port (a female threaded port fitted to the top plate of the adapter spool) from which water samples can be collected
  • Check valves in spool: replace the two discharge openings in the spool (not recommended for
    submersible pump applications)
  • Other outside coating colors (standard: black)
  • Quick connect attachment to well casing (weld-on connection is standard)
  • Can be used as a booster pump station
  • Can be used for lake/reservoir diversion

Please contact us for detailed specifications and drawings.

Pitless Unit Forms

Below are pdf forms for our most popular size pitless units, which are referred to by the casing size they are used with.  Download the file, fill it out as best as you can with the information for your well, and email it to us so we can provide you with a quote.  For other sizes, please call or email us for more information.

8" Pitless Unit Form

10" Pitless Unit Form

12" Pitless Unit Form

14" Pitless Unit Form


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