Nylon Tubing

We stock 1/4" OD Nylon tubing in clear, black and red colors.  We have full spools available in either 5,000 ft or 8,000 ft lengths (depending on color choice), or we can cut shorter lengths as you need.  This tubing has a working pressure of 625 psi at 80ºF.  The most common application for this tubing is airline measurements and inflation of our packers.


Stainless Steel Tubing

Type 316/L Stainless Steel

1/4" OD (0.035" wall) type 316/L SS tubing, cut to order in any length up to 30,000 ft.  This tubing is hydrostatically tested to 10,000 psi and is commonly used for inflating our packers or other products, airline measurements, and many other applications.

Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel

We also stock 1/4" OD (0.035" wall) Duplex 2205 SS tubing, cut to order in any length up to 30,000 ft.  Duplex 2205 is a high strength stainless steel alloy that has a very high resistance to chloride corrosion.  We began to stock this alloy because chlorine is one of the few enemies of type 316/L stainless steel.  In such cases, the chlorine can eat right through the wall of the 316/L tubing and create pinholes.  This is important to consider in applications where tubing will be used and chlorine may be present.  This tubing is hydrostatically tested to 14,000 psi.  This tubing is recommended for applications when the tubing will be left in the hole for long periods of time, especially when the well may be sanitized on occasion, such as with our downhole Flow Control Valves.

Flatpack Sample


Flatpack is a custom product wherein multiple lengths of tubing and/or cable are encapsulated in santoprene as one unit.  This is very helpful when mutiple lines are run downhole, whether for inflating packers, controlling a Downhole Dump Valve, or using geophysical cable to read transducers downhole.  Instead of running each of those lines down separately,  using flatpack makes installation and removal of a downhole tool or system much easier with fewer spools to deal with at the surface, less banding or taping of lines, and increased protection when running in and out of the hole.  This flatpack can be reused many times when properly handled.

Flatpack is custom made to order, and can include nylon or stainless steel tubing, and geophysical cable, which is typically inside of stainless steel tubing.  Traditionally, these lengths of tubing and cable are 1/4" OD, in any combination up to 7 separate lines. 

Aluminum Frac Pipe

Baski has designed and manufactured Aluminum Frac Pipe (AFP) to be a high-strength yet light-weight alternative for drop pipe or straddle pipe instead of the common carbon steel options.  Each joint has steel end connections with custom shouldered threads, which allows quick and easy use in the field.  With a double o-ring seal, the connections are designed such that they can be assembled by hand.  When disassembling, wrench flats are provided, although they may not be necessary.

We have two different sizes available.  On the smaller size, the aluminum has an OD of 1.95" and an ID of 1.375", with 2.5" OD steel end connections.  Standard elevators for 1-1/2" pipe can be used with this AFP size.  For the larger size, the aluminum OD is 2.91" and the ID is 2.1", with 3.5" OD steel ends connections.  Standard elevators for 2-1/2" pipe can be used with this AFP size.

For more information, download the AFP flyer here, or call the Baski office.

Nitrogen Regulators and Airline Manifolds

Nitrogen regulators with two different pressure delivery ranges, either 0-450 psi or 0-2000 psi.  These regulators can be purchased alone they can be incorporated into an airline manifold.  Additionally, a 4.5" pressure gauge can be substituted to increase the visibility and accuracy of the readings.


Pressure Gauges

4.5" face pressure gauges can be added to regulators, airline manifolds, custom manifolds, or purchased separately for you to use in your existing control equipment.  These gauges have an accuracy of ±0.5% and are available in a large variety of pressure ranges.  The standard connection is a 1/4" male NPT stainless steel on the bottom of the gauge.  


Stainless Steel Column Pipe 

For many applications, we recommend stainless steel column pipe be used, especially in cases when the equipment will be set long term, in aggressive water, etc.  However, one problem that is common with stainless steel threads is galling.  Galling is the transfer of material from one part to another, which frequently occurs with stainless steel threads when they are torqued together.  To avoid this problem, we make the couplings from a material called Nitronic® 60*, which is a stainless steel alloy that is specifically designed to resist galling.  It has a corrosion resistance generally equal to or better than type 304L stainless steel.

We thread pipe to order according to your needs.  We are very experienced with many alloys, including 304/L, 316/L, Duplex 2205, and Nitronic® 60.  Many thread types are available, including NUE/EUE, Short and Long Casing, NPT, Butress, etc.

Although any size can be ordered, we keep a large stock of 1" sch60 type 304SS pipe ready to be threaded.  This pipe is unannealed, which makes the material much stronger than what is commonly available from material suppliers.  When used in combination with the Nitronic® 60 couplings, this pipe has been used in a variety of applications, including drop pipe for packers and sampling systems, grouting, etc.

Call our office for more information.

*Nitronic is a registered trademark of AK Steel

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