Custom Inflatable Packers

With our design experience and manufacturing capabilities, we often come across unique applications that demand unique solutions.  From conceptual design, to detailed design, manufacturing, and testing, we are ready to work with you to make the custom equipment that allow you to get the job done.  Call or email us at the Baski office to discuss your application.

Below are some examples of these custom projects we have done in the past

Grouting Packers- Baseline Reservoir

A series of custom low pressure packers were made to allow sliplining of an existing 18" clay pipe through a earthen dam that was failing.  These packers allowed phased grouting from both the upstream and downstream sides of the dam.  This prevented the need to breach the high hazard dam and replace the outlet by conventional excavation.

Reflex Packers for Cementing at Lake Powel

Six of these 40" OD fixed-end Reflex packers were used for cementing on 36" casing

Donut Packers for Swiss Tunnel

Two custom 'donut' packers were designed and manufactured to seal off the annual gap between the wall of a tunnel and and steel liner inside of it.  These packers were approximately 11 feet in diameter and 2 ft wide each.

Stainless Steel Packers for Dam Repair

These stainless steel packers were used to repair a penstock in a hydro-electric dam in Bhutan that was leaking.  These packers were set with underwater ROVs and then inflated such that the stainless steel body plastically deformed and sealed off against the hole.  Epoxy was pumped through them to stop the leaks without emptying the penstock.

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