ReflexTM Inflatable Packer 

The ReFlex™ packer is a fixed-end packer with a fully-reinforced element. This packer can be used for applications that require moderate expansion ratios in casing or open borehole conditions (100 to 200 psi unconfined pressure rating). It has the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective solution for moderate expansion ratio applications.
  • Ideal for low permeability testing requiring a low-compliance packer.
  • Used in rock stress work requiring a high-pressure, strong straddle packer assembly.

A fixed-end packer has both of the rubber element ends fixed to the pipe mandrel. The element can be one of three styles: non-reinforced, partially-reinforced, or fully reinforced. Non-reinforced or "balloon" type packers can easily fail due to element extrusion into open borehole fractures or into the annular area between the packer ends and the casing or borehole. Partial reinforcement at the ends of the element prevents extrusion into the annular area near the packer ends, but the element can still extrude into borehole fractures. In 1993, Baski Inc. introduced the fixed-end ReFlexTM packer with a fully-reinforced element to prevent extrusion problems.

Is a ReflexTM Inflatable Packer right for your project?  Download and fill out the Packer Application Worksheet and email it to us so that we can help you find the best solution.

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