The Baski Fracker™

The Baski Fracker™ is a versatile sliding-end packer for use in single- or straddle-type configurations to increase water production from low yielding wells.

Other applications include: hydrology testing, geotechnical investigations, grouting, and rock stress testing.

Frackers are available for hole sizes ranging from 3" to 20", where the most popular size is for a 6" hole.

The materials and proprietary construction of the Fracker element make it a standard of comparison for longevity, ruggedness, predictability and cost-effectiveness. The element is also replaceable and may be purchased separately.


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Advantages of the Baski Fracker™

Ruggedness & Versatility

The replaceable Fracker element uses a multiply construction with 8 to 20 plies of rubber and aramide reinforcing material (e.g. Kevlar made by Dupont). Aramide, which is the same material used in bulletproof vests, is non-corrosive, longer-lasting and stronger than steel in this type of application.

High pressure ratings

Each of our Fracker models is open-air tested to 3,000 psi (206 bar), which ensures that these packers do not rupture in fractures or voids. In addition, a 4,500 psi (310 bar) confined test is done before shipping. These high pressure ratings, which are made possible by our unique combination of elastomers, reinforcement and design, allow for higher injection pressures and longer life.

Improved Sealing and High Frictional Holding Capabilities

The element length combined with a tough rubber cover provides an effective seal in the borehole. Depending upon borehole conditions, the Fracker element uses an inflation pressure of 1.2 to 1.3 times the injection pressure to anchor the packer.


The design of the replaceable element allows the use of "either end up" to distribute wear and prolong element life.  To reduce corrosion, the heads are constructed of stainless steel and the base pipe is made of chrome-plated high strength steel. Contractors have told us that they have inflated this packer for hydrofracturing 500 to 1,000+ times before wearing it out!

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